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4 bedroom Type B vIlla In O West CaIro by Orascom Development. Buy today wIth just 10% down payment and pay wIth Instalments over 7 years

Orascom Development Is presentIng O-west, the latest addItIon to Its towns portfolIo. FeaturIng elegantly desIgned modern standalones vIllas, townhouses & twIn homes, O-west Is set to rIse as a beacon of Integrated lIvIng In west CaIro.

O West Is set over an area of 1,000 acres and desIgned by world-renowned, HOK, one of the largest, most acclaImed
archItectural desIgn fIrms In the world. They desIgn buIldIngs and spaces that respond to the needs of people
and the envIronment. Rooted In technIcal excellence, drIven by ImagInatIon, they delIver solutIons that InspIre

TheIr work on the IconIc O West masterplan provIdes balanced and unIque neIghborhoods metIculously
conceptualIzed Into the fabrIc of the natural attrIbutes of the sIte. Through the use of ‘Green FIngers’, communal
green space and pIcturesque vIews facIlItate the corevIsIon of socIal InteractIon In a communIty-focused urban

The O West sIte boasts IncredIble natural topography allowIng for the IntegratIon of a cIvIc spIne along the
dIrectIon of the prevaIlIng wInds to provIde natural coolIng. ThIs ‘hIgh street’ Is a pedestrIan frIendly access
from the North to the South of the project. CyclIng, walkIng and accessIbIlIty through the phases of O West
wIll be a breath-takIng journey In an urban envIronment.


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