ONLINE AUCTION (JANUARY 20, 2021) 10:00am – 4:00pm CST
Suggested Opening Bid: $1,199,000 | List Price: $1,650,000

35 Acre marina project for sale in Corozal District: 47 lots including 2 seafront, 25 canal front, 16 canal view, and 4 back lots. Approximate acreage for total lots is 13-13.5 Acres and waterways are about +/- 1.5-2 Acres. Adjoining property is about +/- 20 Acres.

For Sale: 45 Lots and Adjoining +/- 20 Acres
Asking Price (Negotiable): $1,650,000.00 US or $3,300,000.00 BZ Plus Closing Fees

Walk and live on the very same ground that once thriving Mayan Civilization made their home and raised their families. Bella Maya Marina Ltd is a waterfront community situated at Lowry’s Bight peninsula where the only waterfront Mayan Ruin, called Cerros, is located. This symbolizes an ancient civilization that once enjoyed living on the ocean long before us. They enjoyed a pleasant and profitable lifestyle by using the ocean as a highway for trading.

Bella Maya Marina Ltd is an exclusive proposed master-planned community that will try to embrace both the environment and maintain the level of comfort to all property owners. The area does not have any electricity but development in the area will trigger more development and electricity must be brought up from Copper Bank Village. One can go green and install water cisterns to collect rainwater and filtrate and use it for the entire property. Environmentally, septic systems will be encouraged to be used in homes.

The property is situated in the Corozal District, approximately 16-17 miles across from Corozal Town on the Corozal Bay by way of an all-weather road and through the ferry at New River. One can access the project from Orange Walk Down on an all-weather road through San Estevan Village and Progresso Village. The project is approximately 28 miles from Orange Walk Town.

The idea of the residential marina is for those sea and boat lovers who want easy access to the sea and their boat from their home dock. Corozal Town is north of the bay and is a short 5 mile or a 15-minute boat ride for easy shopping, medical facilities, and entertainment. The project is approximately 1 mile by boat from Maya Ruins named Cerros.

There is a small resort/hotel within a 2-minute walk of the project, about 2-3 homes along the waterfront, and in the southern end of the peninsula, a project is breaking ground for a condominium project. The area is exploding and this is the time to invest!

Phase 1 –
47 lots which total approximately 13-13.5 acres
Phase 2 –
About 20 acres and can yield another 40-45 lots, depending on the design (1 Meter = 3.2808399 Feet). Phase 2 would be interior lots with access for launching a boat and one can subdivide further 45 lots on the back that has not been developed yet.

The entire subdivision was cleared in 2015 and the second growth of bushes is growing. This property has great potential!

Accessibility: 3 Ways – Fly into Belize City at Philip International Airport then pick a route
1) By sea from Corozal Town, takes only 10-15 minutes
2) By road from Corozal Town, takes a minimum of 20 minutes, but no more than 45 minutes due to the manual ferry crossing at New River. The Government is planning to build a permanent bridge at New River sometime in the near future.
3) By road from Belize City to Orange Walk Town. Then drive 28 miles through San Estevan Village, through Progresso Village and Copper Bank Village then north to Cerros. This takes approximately 1 hr and 45 minutes with no ferries to cross.

Closing fees are assumed by the purchaser. Excavations completed (2 small canals, main channel, and marina). Note: 150 feet needs to be degraded into the sea for easy access to the main channel.

Road Update:
July 2020 – Road work has commenced on the road but needs to be completed. Road work has commenced from Chunox Village heading east to Sarteneja Village, preparing for the paving of the road between Corozal Town and Sarteneja Village.

Disclaimer: Property is being offered as-is, where is; transferable title. Price is deemed to change without notice. All offers may be refused by owners.

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